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What Sets the QBT 450   Apart from Other Systems on the Market?


Modern tray-look roof, without the price tag

This affordable roof system can be fixed directly over roof battens without the need of plywood

An indirect and
concealed fix

No penetration means less chance of leaks. Indirect fixings provide less restriction in thermal expansion and contraction, as well as

allows better movement in seismic situations, such as earthquakes.

Ease of installation

Due to our innovative system, installation is quick, simple and very straight forward.

System components
Complete system

From the tray to all accessories,

it's the complete package.

926 2021 WoB.jpg
Tested and appraised by BRANZ

The QBT450    has been tested and appraised by BRANZ.

Further structural load tests have evaluated the system to be used up to and including extra high wind zone pressures.

It has also been found suitable for roofing of 3 degrees and over.


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